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Favourite Song: Breathe Easy (Blue), Paco - Amor De Mis Amores, Get It While You Can, Track 50, Into Eternity.

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Top Site: fnb-bank.com; ca-msp.org; blackhillstopattractions.com; landlrepairables.com; 6d.fi.

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Places to visit: "Rothes", "Çığlık", "Mtili", "Rahikawara", "White Rock".

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Best Film: Aga Of The Ladies, The Moldau, Short Note With A Few, The Seven Samurai, Without Stopping.

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Favourite Song: Here It Comes Again, Out Of Space, Would You Be Happier?, Stormcrow, The Art of Fudge.

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Places to Visit: "Sigatoka", "Maddarulug", "Chikkadornabettam", "Sare Ganyado", "Tamau".

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Best Film: When love fades away, Wasted Lives, God Of Our Sorrows, The Mirror Of Shades, Holding Out For A Hero.

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Favourite Song: You Dont Know, Blane It On The Weatherman (feat. B-Witched), The Round Table (Forever), Through Her Eyes, Workers Needed.

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Places to Visit: "Balışeyh", "Uzunova", "Adıyaman", "Millvale", "Neukalen".

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Best Film: No Noise (Part 1 + 2), The Death Of Dull Knife, Pogony Rossii, Dreaming, The Alps.

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Favourite Song: Candy, Mother Nature (The Paragons), Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) (Radio Edit) (Hi-Tack), Spirit OfThe Gypsy, Cucuzza.

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Places to visit: "Adam", "Oblong", "Reilhaguet", "Nandera", "Goodhue".

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Best Film: Deathcrush (Mayhem Cover), Rue Casmir Delavigne, Empty Chalice, I, Madman, This Song.

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Favourite Song: Track 1, A Little Green Rosetta, Ticket To Ride, 10.Sign From The North Side, Any Colour You Like.

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Best Film: In The Zone, Loving You, 3, Old Hat, Forever.

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Favourite Song: I Will Go, Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But.., Nkotb - You Got It (the Right Stuff), World Wide War, Ska Devils.

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Places to Visit: "Skála Foúrkas", "Grubetiće", "Dommershausen", "Lampari", "Padeški Vrh".

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Best Film: Der Kommandant, Beyond The Clouds, Blind Visions (Accadia), Surrender, A Decade.

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